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    About DGTL

    We are an Amsterdam-based publishing agency founded by event organisers, label owners and music lovers. Since 2021, we’ve been helping electronic music composers and labels recover royalties for the broadcast of their music in clubs, festivals, TV, radio and online.

    By the industry for the industry, Amsterdam-based publishing agency founded by event organisers, labels owners, artist managers and music lovers. Being active in different disciplines across the industry means that we understand & know and therefore could be of best service to our clients and partners. Since 2019 we have been on a mission to create a musical publishing home for artists/writers/composers and labels with an international broad music knowledge.

    Contact Info

    It’s very likely that you’ve seen someone of our team before, nevertheless we also understand that you’ve maybe forgotten her/his name. Anyways, If you know, forgot or don’t know send us a message at

    Why DGTL Publishing?

    By the industry for the industry. We are a musical publishing company run by creatives that are active on a broad spectrum of disciplines across the music industry. Therefore we know the markets, artists, composers, labels and understand their needs.