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About DGTL

We are an Amsterdam-based publishing agency founded by event organisers, label owners and music lovers. Since 2021, we’ve been helping electronic music composers and labels recover royalties for the broadcast of their music in clubs, festivals, TV, radio and online, as well as providing them the necessary tools to maximize their creative process.



We register songs directly with collection sources in every country and territory where they’re being played. Doing this yourself would be a full-time job: not only registering your songs with dozens of sources around the world, but also tracking down your royalties with each of them. We make sure the catalogues of our artists are precisely registered, so that whenever their music is publicly performed, whether that’s on a radio show, in a club, on a TV ad or film, or on a computer game, they are always compensated. We also work closely together with our administration partners to make sure that all performance and mechanical royalties are collected at global collecting societies.


We create opportunities for our writers in order to uplift their music. By sourcing vocalists, instrumentalists and producers, we create exciting collaborations. We negotiate label or remix deal and clear samples, we organize writers camps and we deliver top-lines, hooks and samples. We actively support our global network of talent and catalogue partners, encouraging collaboration, such as co-writes and co-productions. We also connect our writers with collaborators from outside the publishing world – bringing them together with vocalists, writers and remixers.


Our sync team proactively pitches and licenses music to the world’s leading content creators and most prestigious brands. We license songs for high-profile use in film, TV, games, advertising, and other mediums. By creating either tailor made songs and sounds for commercials, movies and games or finding the perfect songs for the perfect project, We work across borders to find the right partners to maximize sync income.


Not only are we listening to music but we are listening to our clients as well. By listening we are understanding the needs of our clients and therefore we can create a custom tailor made plan where we centralize the needs and optime the results
Crate Digging
Aren’t we all into finding that one record, melody, sample, vocal etc. that perfectly fits? We are spending countless hours digging in to those (digital) crates finding the perfect opportunities for our clients.


For companies:
There are 2 main types of rights that you must purchase in order to use music in syncronization with any visual project:
Copyright or Sync License aka rights to the song itself. This is usually owned by the songwriter, composer or publisher.
Master License aka rights to a specific recording of a track. This is usually owned by the label, artist or person/people that financed the recording.
Music Clearance refers to the process of obtaining the licenses that allow you to use pieces of music in your audio/visual projects. For large companies that need to use lots of music, it can be a large and intricate operation. Sometimes there are even hundreds of tracks that require tons of work to acquire rights to.

For writers:
Always wanted to use that sample/vocal but don’t know where to start? We are here for you to clear all the rights